Delegate Susan W. Krebs Scholarship Application Instructions

Due Date:  Monday, March 29th, 2019

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Delegate Susan W. Krebs Scholarship and congratulations on continuing with your educational goals.  Please make sure to follow the instructions below and contact our office with any questions. 410-841-3200 or

Good Luck!

Delegate Krebs



  1. Download the application onto your computer (Download link here). All applications must be Make sure to completely fill out the application. Handwritten or Incomplete applications Will Not be considered.
  2. Applications are for High School Seniors living in District 5, planning to attend college, university or Technical School located within Maryland. (If unsure of your Legislative District click here- Who Represents Me?).
  3. Application must be signed by applicant and parents/guardians- this is verification that all information provided is correct.
  4. Scholarship eligibility and amount of award is determined by providing:
  • Copy of Transcript including Weighted GPA and Class Rank (if available)
  • SAT and/or ATC Scores (if available)
  • Resume to include:
  • Leadership Positions- be specific with roles and detailed project / responsibilities
  • Community Service – be specific
  • Extra-curricular school activities
  • Employment with length of employment, positions and duties
  • Essay up to 250 words of why you are deserving of the scholarship, outlining any special circumstances that should be considered.
  • Quality of the application, completion, grammar and spelling.

In order to ensure confidentiality, all applications will be reviewed by a scholarship committee and all personal information (i.e. Social Security number) will be redacted prior to review.

Scholarships will be announced at local High school awards ceremony or by mail by the end of June.

Delegate Susan Krebs