Fiscal Responsibility

Susan believes that the way to reduce the burden on taxpayers, while providing the services that government must provide, is through putting more people to work in good jobs. Education, job training and strong economic development provide all citizens with opportunities to work and pay their fair share into the system. "Struggling middle class families are frustrated about how increasing costs- gas, food, utilities, higher education and health care take up a higher percentage of take home pay each month", Krebs said.

"The high cost of living in Maryland and the fact that we are one of the highest taxed states in the nation, have squeezed the middle class and forced retirees to relocate out of our state. This is unacceptable. I have voted against every one of the 40 tax increases championed by the O'Malley/Brown administration and railroaded through the legislature by the Democrats.  As a member of the Republican Caucus, we have offered alternative budget proposals that would have reigned in government spending and avoided the need for tax increases.  It is time that the Governor stops spending money we do not have.  Families are making do with less and Annapolis needs to do the same and live within its means."


Taxpayer Relief

Co-sponsored the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights (TABOR), which limits spending and requires voter approval for any new tax.

Sponsored and passed bills to make sure licensing fees for accountants and realtors go where promised.

Worked to attract new businesses to Carroll County so we will have a broader tax base that reduces our property tax burden.

Successfully worked to reduce the state death tax, sponsoring legislation for many years so  that families and farmers do not have to sell their homes and property to pay taxes when loved ones die.

Voted against a 2 percent tax on HMOs so that health insurance premiums for working families would not go up.

Economic Freedom

Voted against a bill that forces us to make interest payments for 10 years in return for an 11-month deferral on our electric bills.

Voted against the forced unionization of our state employees, teachers, community colleges, home day care providers and home health care workers. 

Support all efforts to make Maryland a prosperous "Right-to-Work" state. 

Delegate Susan Krebs