Meet Susan


Susan Krebs is a full-time Delegate who fights every day for her Carroll County constituents.

She is a champion of fiscal responsibility and a strong Conservative voice against the liberal-progressive wave of freedom-killing legislation and the out-of-control taxation that engulfed Maryland through 8 years of Governor O'Malley.

A Proven Leader

Krebs_at_work_small.jpgIn Annapolis, Susan is in the forefront of speaking out and voting against the erosion of 2nd Amendment rights, increased taxes including the "Rain Tax" and the "Gas Tax", sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, and the implementation of state health-care exchanges better known as “Obamacare.”

At the same time, Susan manages to be an effective legislator for education, small businesses, transportation and sensible health care.

As a wife, mother, grandmother, and former business woman, Susan understands as well as anyone what it means to live on a budget and meet a payroll.

Her background proved to be the cornerstone of a reputation for effective, conservative leadership that began forming upon her election to the House of Delegates in 2002.

Experienced, Effective and Conservative

krebs_parents_ehrlich_Bio.jpgWorking with the newly-elected administration of Governor Bob Ehrlich, Susan emerged as a pivotal leader in moving the Governor’s agenda through the legislature, as well as a responsive Delegate for her Carroll County constituents.

In her first term, she partnered with former Governor Ehrlich to eliminate unproductive programs and create a leaner state government. This partnership helped secure state funding for vital Carroll County road improvements, education projects and turning surplus state property into economic development for Carroll County.

Susan also won unanimous approval for her bill protecting children attending daycare centers from child predators. And, as a member of the Maryland Veteran’s Caucus, Susan helped win an income tax break for our brave military retirees in Maryland.

During her second term, Susan continued the fight for a better quality of life for Carroll County residents. With her extensive voting record against new taxes, Susan championed legislation to create a better environment for small businesses and to alleviate the economic burden on the middle class. In this spirit, she sponsored a bill to eliminate the Death Tax for middle class families and a bill to cap state property taxes from rising. She has also sponsored legislation to protect retirees’ income from unfair tax policy.

And as a member of the state’s Financial Literacy Task Force, Susan advocated programs to teach children to be responsible for basic financial management. Thanks to her efforts, Carroll County became the first school system to implement a financial literacy curriculum.

During her current term in office, Susan has continued to push for the elimination of "death taxes", fairer tax policies for veterans, retirees and middle class families and a Constitutional amendment to protect the Transportation Trust Fund.

Serving on the Health and Government Operations Committee, Susan is fighting for health care reforms that lower costs and allow working class families and individuals to keep the coverage and doctors they like.

Dedicated to Education

Girl_Scouts_Bio2.jpgSusan’s record of community and public service didn’t just begin with her election to the House of Delegates.

Before coming to Annapolis, Susan won wide recognition as Carroll County School Board President.

She assured accountability and fiscal responsibility to taxpayers, while insisting that improving student achievement was her top priority. She was elected President of school board twice during her four year term.

During her four years on the board she helped the county bring in a record amount of school construction dollars from the state.

Susan also led the way to other accomplishments and reforms, including smaller class sizes, an end to social promotion and the beginning of a countywide phonics reading program. SAT scores climbed to the highest level in Carroll County’s 25 years of record keeping. Starting salaries for new teachers were increased to attract the best and brightest.

As a Delegate in Annapolis, Susan is often sought out for her educational expertise. Former State Schools Superintendent Nancy Grasmick picked her to serve on Maryland’s Parent Advisory Council because of Susan’s overriding commitment to getting parents involved in their children’s schools.

Susan has been very involved in challenging President Obama's "Race to the Top" initiatives and the very aggressive implementation of the "Common Core" in our schools. She is an ardent advocate for "local control" of our schools and for education reforms that empower parents, not all-knowing Washington bureaucrats. Susan has been a supporter of more school choice, particularly in urban areas, and accountability to improve our education system- not an endless blank check of Washington spending and mandates.

Fighting for Carroll County's Conservative Values

ladies_in_leadership2.jpgIt is Susan’s depth of experience, expertise and knowledge that makes her such a valuable asset to her party and Carroll County…ESPECIALLY NOW!

While many in the Legislature and state would just throw up their hands and play “go along, get along,” Susan has decided to keep standing up with other right-thinking conservatives and FIGHT!

Susan has always been a problem solver-not a problem maker. She works with other like minded legislators to offer solutions to the challenges facing our state and Carroll County.

“People have had enough and are ready to begin changing the culture of Annapolis,” Krebs said. “That is why we are working to recruit, educate and elect more conservative candidates state-wide so we can get back to the values and quality of life that have made Carroll such a wonderful place to live, work, learn and raise family.”






A Lifetime of Public Service

krebs__ecker_Bio2.jpgSusan and her husband, Mark, raised their three children, Heather, Stacey and Brian in Eldersburg. During that time, Susan has been an active member of Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church. She serves on the Board of Directors for the church’s preschool, the Early Years Learning Center. She is the program coordinator for the Freedom District Lions Club and serves on the youth outreach committee and as a number of the SEEMORE support group for blind and visually impaired members of the community.

Susan is a Chair of the Carroll Hospice Board of Trustees and is dedicated to compassionate care for terminally ill patients. She also works with the hospital on the Carroll County Health Services Corporation.

Working to assure quality of life and long term care for senior citizens, Susan serves on the Long Term Care and Health Facilities and Occupations subcommittees in Annapolis and on Carroll Lutheran Village’s Advisory Board.

One of her favorite activities is supporting the scouting groups in her community and has participated in dozens of Eagle Scout ceremonies to recognize the accomplishments of our youth.

Susan has a long history of service and leadership, not only in Annapolis, but in her community.

Delegate Susan Krebs