Rain Tax

Susan is opposed to the Stormwater Management fee, better known as the “Rain Tax”.

No Rain Tax in Carroll County

During the 2014 Legislative Session, the Carroll County Delegates, Krebs, Elliott, Stocksdale, and Ready, brokered an agreement between the Carroll County Commissioners, the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), and the Attorney General’s office that eliminated the Rain Tax for Carroll County. 

The county will continue to fund stormwater management programs with existing revenue and not through new taxation. Carroll County has been on the forefront of stormwater management with a program that began in 1984. The county is in compliance with current federal permit requirements.

The process started with a bill to eliminate the Rain Tax sponsored by Delegate Krebs at the request of the Carroll County Commissioners. The members of the House Delegation met repeatedly with Philip R. Hager (Carroll County Land Use, Planning & Development Director), Tom Devilbiss (Deputy Director), Delegate Maggie McIntosh (chairman of the House Environmental Matters Committee) and MDE. After a year of negotiations, the agreement was reached.

Efforts to repeal the Rain Tax for all jurisdictions continue by Republicans in both the House and Senate. The 10 counties currently subjected to the Rain Tax represent just 13% of the entire Chesapeake Bay Watershed.