Health Care


Susan is opposed to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (commonly known as "Obamacare" or ACA) and supports its repeal. She believes that health care reform should have been approached in steps starting with tort reform and interstate competition. 

Susan has fought against the ACA since its inception, voted against its implementation in Maryland and has warned of the train wrecks this ill-conceived legislation would cause. The State is now trying to sift through the rubble to minimize the damage that is is causing to our citizens. 

Susan has requested a briefing from State officials on the health exchange debacle through the Health and Government Operations Committee and it was help on December 3, 2013. 

New 'Oversight' Panel Accounced for Health Exchange:

During the 2014 session, Susan was chosen to be one of two House Republicans to serve on a new, bi-partisan panel of lawmakers to oversee the glitch-ridden health exchange website. The ten-member committee will meet to discuss issues surrounding the Maryland Health Connection and devise a plan of action. The committee with be briefed on how the exchange officials are repairing the site, how much it has cost taxpayers, and whether to abandon the plan entirely. 


Carroll Hospital Center and Carroll Hospice:

Susan is a strong advocate for Carroll Hospital and Carroll Hospice. She has served on the Hospice Board of Directors for many years. She has been supportive of the new Cancer Center. Susan is working with the Hospital administration to gain approval to perform certain coronary procedures that currently can only be performed in an emergency situation. Susan's desire is for Carroll Countians to be able to receive the full spectrum of care without having to drive to Baltimore.