Family Values

Susan and her husband, Mark, raised their three children in Carroll County because it is a place where traditional American family values are lived out every day in our churches, schools, community and sports organizations. Susan is committed to working in Annapolis to protect those values.

Traditional Marriage

Supports traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

Respect for Life

Voted to eliminate taxpayer funding of repeat abortions and to protect the unborn by cosponsoring the Fetal Pain bill. 

Co-sponsored legislation requiring parental notification before a minor is permitted to have an abortion.

Supported an adequate waiting period prior to any abortion.

Supported informed consent, which requires that a woman receive adequate information at least 18 hours prior to an abortion.

Supported ethical and successful stem cell research, using umbilical cord or adult stem cells.

Protecting Our Children

Worked to prevent teen drug abuse by helping to stage the “Not My Kid” programs during back-to-school nights each Fall.

Co-sponsored a bill requiring mandatory suspension of licenses for drivers younger than 21 who violate alcohol- and/or drug-related provisions.

Individual Responsibility

Supports legislation that empowers individuals to be self reliant and accountable for their actions.

Personal Protections

Supports the right of individuals to protect themselves and their property.