Excellence in Education: First, Carroll County—Now, All of Maryland

As a former Member, then President, of the Carroll County Board of Education, Susan helped achieve high-quality schools with fewer dollars than other counties. Now, as our State Delegate, she is working toward that same fiscal and educational accountability statewide. This is critical at a time when Baltimore City has the highest per-pupil spending in the state, with 81 percent of its education dollars coming from taxpayers like us, who live outside the city. In contrast, our schools here in Carroll County put education dollars to their highest and best use.

Teachers from the Carroll County Education Association confer with Susan in Annapolis to ensure that our students receive a quality education.

Educational and fiscal accountability

Helped achieve adequate and equitable funding for all Maryland schools so they have the opportunity to achieve.

As former president of the Carroll County Board of Education, carried her successful initiatives to Annapolis for consideration statewide:

Student government leaders from each of Carroll County's high schools travel to Annapolis each year to meet with Susan and their own legislators.

   Smaller class sizes

An end to social promotion

Phonics and other scientifically-based reading principles in conformity with No Child Left Behind

Quality teachers

Supported legislation ensuring accountability and quality in our schools.

Sponsored legislation to provide Maryland teachers with the undergraduate and continuing education college classes they want so they can give students the reading instruction they need.

School construction and responsible spending

Consistently argued on the House Floor that school districts be given the freedom to award construction contracts to the low bidder, instead of being forced to pay union scale.

Parents’ Interests

Strongly supported our system of public education, but also supported individual parents’ rights to seek alternative educational opportunities for their children.

Selected by State Schools Superintendent Nancy Grasmick to serve on Maryland’s Parent Advisory Council because of Susan’s over-riding commitment to getting parents involved in their children’s schools.

Joined with Maryland PTA in pushing for inclusion of at least two parents on the 12-member State Board of Education.

As a Member of the Special Committee on Higher Education Affordability and Accessibility, worked to ensure that the average Maryland family has access to affordable higher education.

Local Control

Supported legislation that allows those closest to home—parents, teachers and the county school board—to make educational decisions that affect our children.

Educational Expertise

As part of the “Legislators Back to School” initiative, taught elementary, middle and high school classes on state government to students throughout the District.

On the Carroll County Board of Education, pushed initiatives that led to the highest SAT scores in the district’s 25 years of record keeping.

On the Board of Education, voted to increase starting salaries of new teachers so Carroll County could attract the very best.

Educated the community—and now state leaders—on schools’ budgetary and construction needs.

As member of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education, emerged as one of the first graduates of the MABE Leadership Program and was invited to be a presenter at the National School Boards Association conference.

Served on Maryland Association of Boards of Education legislative committees, at both local and state levels.