Broken Families Breed Broken Cities Like Baltimore

Dear Friend,

Below is an article worth reading, written by former Ambassador, the Honorable Ellen Sauerbrey, and published in the Washington Times. It was inspired by the 50th anniversary of former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan's famous report on the breakdown of the black family in urban ghettos, and the parallel in Baltimore City with the deterioration of families and the soaring crime rate.

The truth in this article, while not politically correct, is very hard to dispute. We need to focus on the truth and stop believing that throwing more money at the same problem will result in a different outcome. The article is worth reasing and considering.

Also below is news from the State Highway Administration concerning the upcoming closing of the Kays Mill intersection at Rt. 140 in Finksburg. Plus, due to recent reports by county residents, the Carroll County Sheriff's Office is warning all residents about variations of popular scams being perpetrated in Carroll County.

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